Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Giveaway Winnings

For all you folks who think to yourself: Why enter giveaways, I never win!?! I'm here to show you why...

I use to say the same thing. However, thanks to Amanda, I started entering giveaways (occasionally at first...now I"m addicted. It's my drug of choice. hee hee ). Since I started entering in November, here's what I've won.

  • An envelop of about 50 coupons
  • $50.00 GC to Dayspring (a motivational/spiritual online catalogue)
  • $100.00 in Hasbaro Toys - A playdough fun factory, an infant ball toy w/ gears - Finn LOVES it, and a small monster truck
  • $10.00 GC to Subway
  • $25.00 Visa GC
  • Dominoes Megablock Game (for Chloe)
  • The Hungry Caterpillar Hardback Book and Hungry Caterpillar Zoobie (like a pillow pet, but inside there's a blanket that zips in and out of the Zoobie - Finn ADORES the Zoobie and the blanket!)
  • A one year free membership to an online Cake "school". (A blog that trains you to make and decorate cakes - SUPER excited about this one. I love making cakes and this makes it seem like I can do the "hard" stuff
  • A $75.00 Gift Pack from HappyBaby (oraganic baby food products): includes a tote, bib, baby shirt, Dr. Sears book on nutrion, Eric Carle (The Hungry Caterpillar author) growth chart (really neat), 3 canisters of baby cereal, 3 canisters of Baby Snacks (puffs). 2 Canisters Baby Snacks (yogurt drops), 10 Pouches baby food -  6 coupons for Happy Baby products (FREE), I shouldn't have to buy baby food or baby snacks again. Now, just to get through the next 2-3/4 months and I'll be done with formula!
  • A one year free membership to AboutOne (an online family document organizations program).
  • A 23-cup Zero Water container and 8 refill cartridges (My BIGGEST win to date. Over $145.00 worth of products). Zero Water is awesome. The container comes with a tester to ensure that you are drinking 100 percent, unadulterated pure water. 
  • A CD and DVD of Veggie Tales.
  • A one year member ship to E-Mealz.com. This service is GREAT. I had to tell them the type of meal plan (I chose the standard for 4) and the store I shop at (I chose Kroger). The program gives me a meal plan for the week, including the recipes. It also makes my grocery list for me, including the prices for the ingredients! It uses the sale adds from the store for the week to find the best meals to match the deals! Very neat surface. Makes meal planning super simple!
  • A 4-pack of Mexican seasoning packages.
  • A pair of "socks" for dogs (I thought I'd enter and hold onto it until I found the right person to give them to. Or, maybe I'll just put them on the kids!)
  • A $25.00 credit to Moolala (a site similar to Groupon. I'm holding out to find a maid service!!!)
  • A $50.00 GC to the Fedora Store. John's going to get himself a cool hat!
  • A $20.00 GC to an online t-shirt company.

There maybe more, but I think that's it. Basically, I've won over $750.00 worth of stuff...in 6 months! Yes, it takes time to enter. But I do not spend my time couponing or giveaway entering until everyone is asleep for the night. 

Basically, my suggestion is take the time to enter giveaways when you find them. You can win too! If you want a list of some good websites, let me know and I'll get them for you! 

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