Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Possible Free Gas!!!

I was reading through my different blog updates today. I found one I thought was VERY intriguing and may possibly be a great deal for everyone. CVS is trying to help its customers with the overwhelming cost of gas by offering FREE $10.00 gas gift cards to select gas stations for the next several months. Basically, in addition to all the ECBs* they run every week, they will be offering a special offer on select other items. For every $30.00 in qualifying items you purchase, you receive (INSTANTLY) a $10.00 gift card to the participating gas station of your choice. You can only claim one gift card per week, but even once a week is a great deal!
This week, the items listed include things such as Sobe, some candies, chips and ice cream. Also, Finish products, Lysol products and Palmolive. So, if you plan on purchasing those things anyway, might as well make sure you reach the $30.00 mark. If you have ECBs from other shopping, use those in a separate transaction to qualify for gift card. From what I have read, the $30.00 is BEFORE coupons, meaning that with your manufacturer coupons, store coupons (if you have anything from the CRT**) and ECBs, you could get stuff you need for almost nothing and get the gift card.
It is unclear (and we won't really know until this weekend when the paper drops) if all regions are included in the deal or not. So, as of now, I don't know if Dayton shoppers can take part. But I'm still excited by the possibility!
Here are some links to help further explain this new offer:
Coupons, Deals and More: CVS Gas Promotion (5/18/11)
I Heart CVS: 5/22 to 5/28 Weekly Ad (Note the Gas qualifiers are on the first and last page. They're marked with a Free Gas icon)

*ECBs - Extra Care Bucks. These are the specials listed in the Sunday Ad (and in the store). You buy a particular product (or quantity of products) to qualify for the ECBs. They print out at the end of your order for future purchases. You have to have a ECB card (like a Kroger Plus Card) to qualify. But the ECBs are good on ANY purchase, not just similar products. For example, the ECB deal might be "Buy $10.00 in Sauve Products and get a $3.00 ECB". Or, "Buy 1 box of Band-Aids for $2.99 and get a $1.00 ECB". You can use manufacturer or store coupons on these, as well as ECBs from previous purchses (which is know as rolling your ECBs). So, you could, with these examples, purchase 1 box of Band-Aids and use a $1.00 Band-Aid coupon and pay $1.99 OOP (out-of-pocket). You'll get a $1.00 ECB back. Then, purchase in the second transaction purchase $10.00 in Sauve (say you buy 4 Sauve products to reach that total). Use 4 $0.75 manufacturer coupons and one $1.00 CVS store coupon and your $1.00 ECB from the Band-Aids. You pay $5.00 for the products and get a $3.00 ECB back. Then use that ECB towards your Gas Card purchase!!! (Keep in mind, I'm not positive these exact coupons exist. I don't have my binder in front of me, just know that there are Sauve and Band-Aid coupons out there...If you want specific scenarios, let me know and I'll get them for you!)
**CRT - This refers to the big red coupon machine in the store. You scan your ECB card and get store coupons you can combine with manufacturer coupons and ECBs.

Always remember to take a reusable bag with you when you go to CVS to use with your Green Bag Tag. If you don't have one, they cost $1.00. For every 4 purchases you make (can't be same day), you get a $1.00 ECB. Pays for itself quickly!!!

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