Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do Baby Bears Sit in Chairs?

Epic fail today, all around.
The day got off to a good start. Everyone happy, lots of patience, eating well, etc. Then the day happened and it got kind of ugly...
1) Trip to Target was a bust. Chloe was talking NON-STOP, making it a little distracting trying to figure out what I was doing. Finn started crying (more stress) and John was REALLY hungry so wanted to go...So, out of stress I was trying to rush. I wasn't taking the time to really check coupons, sale prices, etc and then I dropped my coupons everywhere. So I think I lost some under the shelves. The clerk wasn't very friendly either, adding to the stress. Some of the coupons wouldn't scan. She said she got them, but then looking at the receipt when I got home, I don't think she did. So, I got some good deals, but not what it should have been - should have saved another $10.00 at least...
2) Patience was shot. I did well most of the day, but the shopping trip stressed me out because I know I could have done much better. So, when Chloe started her gradual night time decent (the time between nap time and bed time when she goes from my angel daughter Chloe to her devil twin Zoe), I didn't have the patience for it. This was exasperated by her dropping a cupcake frosting side down on the kitchen floor (after cleaning it earlier today) and then making a HUGE mess in the living room - chocolate crumbs in her hair, up her nose and all over the floor.
3) Eating. Started out great. Healthy breakfast. No Coke. Etc, etc, etc...But, then for dinner John wanted Godfather's Pizza. So I had a few slices...not the healthiest. Then I had a couple tastes of the frosting from the cupcakes I made John for his birthday. Very yummy. But in the end, I'm not going to beat myself on this one. It was his birthday so a little food issues now in then isn't a horrible thing, just need to make sure tomorrow is better.

But, in the end, I enjoyed reading Chloe one of my books when I was little one - Do Baby Bears Sit in Chairs? She loves the book and it makes me smile when I read it. So despite not having a great "change" day, I'm ok with the fails. I'll get them tomorrow!


  1. When I get a cashier that isn't the friendliest when I'm leaving I either tell them "I hope your day gets better" or "I'm sorry your having a bad day" part to kinda be a witch and part to let them know they are acting poopy.

  2. :) That's why I love you Tonya. I'm too much of a chicken to every do anything that might remotely rock the boat...unless of course it is emailing a company to complain...I'm good at that...But calling? Nope, not happening...