Friday, February 25, 2011

Good day.

I'm proud of me today. Ate well. No slip ups. No real desire to slip up. I think this accountability thing is going to work for me! No Coke again today. But I have had a Coke Zero (or the Cola O). Got to have my caffeine or the migraines win! For dinner, I just put a little Best Life Buttery spread (or whatever it is called) on my spaghetti instead of the sauce (never a big spaghetti sauce eater anyways, unless I've made it from scratch...which I did not tonight). Then while Chloe and John enjoyed some ice cream, I had a glass of Pinot Grigio and a Activia Vanilla Bean yogurt. Smart choices today. Hope it's the same tomorrow!


  1. Great job girlie! So proud of you. I had a rough day & fell off the bandwagon with my food choices today but am determined to do better tomorrow.

  2. Now, that would have been funny had it been Kyle. Ha! :) Thanks for the encouragement. And I have found if we don't allow ourselves "flubs" every once in a while on our diets, we fall so far we can't get back up! So don't beat yourself up.
    Oh, that app you were telling me about. Is it an iphone app? Or just an app for the computer? I think I'd like to try it!