Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why "Moms Blogging for a Change"?

The idea of change has several meanings for me. I'm looking to change my life. I want to see my family financially unburdened - or as best we can be. I want to get rid of our debt by paying down our bills and saving some money in the process. I want to be able to take family vacations, have two cars that run the way they are suppose to and eventually own our own home. Saving change is a way to do that. So I'm going to work on sharing some of money saving methods to help anyone who reads this do the same. 
I also want to change me in several ways. As a parent, I find myself faltering, struggling. Sometimes I find I'm incredibly impatient and find myself frustrated. I know it all stems from personal struggles and not actually what my daughter is doing - at least not all the time. I want to work on my on being a better mom for both my children so they don't grow up remembering me as angry or impatient, but rather the mom who loved them and would do anything for them. Part of that is taking a step away from the things that "bind" me (ie. the computer, the cell phone, etc.) and focusing more on the things that make them happy. 
The next big change is me physically. I have wanted to get into shape and lose weight for a long time. I know that losing weight will give me more energy to focus on the rest of the changes I want to make. But I need accountability. I'm hoping this will help me do it. 
Now, all that said, I know I'm not perfect. I know that I will fail at many things I try, but I have to try just the same. So this is going to be my voice to help me change. Feel free to follow, comment or share to help you on your path to change, as well, no matter what that "change" is. 

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