Friday, April 8, 2011

Just a Quick Update

The surgery went well. The doctor said he thinks everything should be much better for me once I'm healed. The first day was rough, until they up'd the morphine dose. I was on a constant drip and a morphine button. Once doubled, there was no pain. Actually, yesterday, once they took the morphine away and switched me to the percocet, I didn't feel much of any pain. He said that was because the morphine took up th 24 hours to get out of my system. Today, is a completely different story. Lots of pain all day. I worked hard and got my 10 articles written. Now I"m lying on one side, with 2 painkillers, a motrin for swelling and a stomach pill. Hoping they all kick in and let me get a good nights sleep!
My wonderful inlaws have taken great care of the kids. They came home yesterday when I was released. But they went back tonight. John has to work in the early morning and I didn't think I could handle 4-5 hours alone with both the way I"m moving. Hopefully I'll be up for it on Sunday. Really don't want to keep sending them over, not fair to them and a handful for Mamaw and Papaw. Certainly don't want to take advantage of them. 
Well, on that note, I'm going to finish watching a show and then hopefully fall asleep. :) 

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