Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is why I Love Couponing!

I had to take Finn to the doctor today. The poor guy has ANOTHER double ear infection. This makes 3 in 6 months. He's on an antibiotic again. We go back in 3 weeks to have his ears rechecked. I guess there is a concern that the ear infection isn't actually healing between infections, just kind of going dormant. So, he wants to check the ears in 3 weeks to make sure there's no fluid in them at that point, that might potentially cause hearing loss and stunted speech development. At that time, I'll be talking to the doctor about tubes for his ears. Although I would prefer not to put him through the procedure (even though I know it is simple and pain-free), at this point he's getting ear infections all the time. The little guy needs some relief.

After his appointment, I decided to run around and do some of my freebie coupon shopping. I have a small "collection" of coupons for free items and some of them are only available at certain stores. I ended up doing my shopping today at Target and Walmart (yes, I went to Walmart. Most of you know how much I HATE Walmart!!!). I managed to get $64.06 in merchandise (after tax) for $7.67! Yep, you read that right. I saved 88%!!!.

Here's the list:

Target - 
1 can Happy Baby Oatmeal Cereal - $3.19
1 canister Happy Baby Banana Puffs - $2.99
1 bag Happy Baby Berry Yogurt Drops (or Rain Drops as Chloe calls them) $3.19
1 pouch Happy Baby Banana. Blueberry & Beets $1.09
1 20 oz Coke (Not pictured because I drank it - it was hot! :) ) $1.49
Total: $12.05
OOP: $1.59
1 Free Happy Baby Cereal 
1 Free Happy Baby Puffs
1 Free Happy Baby Yogurt Drops
1 Free Happy Baby Pouch
Total Savings: $10.46 (87% Savings!)

(These Happy Baby coupons came from a giveaway I won a few weeks ago - see the earlier post of giveaway winnings. However, if you're interested in freebie coupons, contact the company and compliment them. Happy Baby, as well as other companies, often send coupons for a free product!)

1 Wholly Guacamole Snacker 3 Pack - $2.48
1 Breakstone 4-pack Pineapple Cottage Cheese - $2.66
1 Breakstone Blueberry Cottage Cheese Doublers  - $0.88
12 Bottles Similac Ready to Feed Spit Up Formula $3.84 each ($46.08) (*Finn apparently LOVES the spit up formula even though he doesn't really spit up anymore. But, it's about $1.50 cheaper, at least, than the basic formula, so we'll got with it!)
Total: $52.01
OOP: $6.08
1 Free Wholly Guacamole Snacker 3 Pack (a coupon I won from a blog Giveaway)
1 Free Breakstone 4-pack Cottage Cheese (From Kraft First Taste)
1 Breakstone Cottage Cheese Doublers (From Kraft First Taste)
2 $5.00 off any Similac Formula (a BIG thank you to everyone who sent me the Similac coupons. I still have around 15 more coupons to use before the 31st!!! I love barely paying for formula!!!)
10 $3.00 off any Similac Formula
Total Savings: $46.02 (88% Savings)

Not too shabby considering, I got 3 weeks worth of food for Finn plus some extras for $7.67!!!


  1. Nice job, I don't really do walmart either but sometimes it can not be helped
    If you do recycle bank you can score some free Happy baby coupons as well, right now the points are high to get them but they often go down if you wait long enough

  2. Thank you. I'm new to the couponing thing (about 6 months) and the blogging thing is really scattered and undefined as of now, but I'm working on it. :)
    I love the recyclebank points. I just cashed in earlier this week for the Honest Tea Deal at CVS (which is part of my huge trip planned for today.)
    I appreciate the feed back!