Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beat-y Beat Beat Beat-y Beat Beat Beat...*

I'm wore out tonight. Had my first night at Zumba. Yea for exercising. Had a good time, even if I had no idea what I was actually doing. The important thing is I kept moving the whole hour and had a good time doing it. Glad I get a few days to recoop though. This cold is draining me!
Finn is sick again, I think. He's been screaming like crazy most of the night. Going to call the doctor for him.

The day was good all in all. John surprised me with a clean kitchen and breakfast this morning. Then he took Chloe, just the two of them, to Target to get me a couple things and walk around. Then they went to the pet store and pet the bunny. Chloe loved it. Amelia was great today. She slept the entire time - literally!

Now, with my eyes refusing to stay open and my cold throbbing in my head, I say good-night...5:30 am is looking way too early right now...

*A Gabba song I have stuck in my head...

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