Sunday, March 13, 2011

Money Saving Idea: Foaming Soaps

So, I don't really have much to say today, but I thought I'd start something new. I'm going to start sharing some simple money saving ideas of things I do or make that saves me tons of money. So this is the first one: foaming soap.

Dish soap, hand soap and even baby wash comes in foaming forms now. I love the foaming because I feel it washes away cleaner. But, the cost of the foaming dispensers and the refills is considerably higher than the gels. So, here's how I still "indulge" in foaming soaps without the cost.

You need to invest in a couple of foaming soap dispensers if you do not have them already. One for each product you want to make. For example, I have a foaming dish soap (I'm pretty sure it's from Dawn), a hand soap for the bathroom (I think it's Dial - or if you have some of the Bath and Body, use those) and a Johnson's and Johnson's one for baby shampoo and wash (Although I can't find these anymore so use any other foaming dispenser).
Use up the soap that comes with it. When it is empty, instead of buying a new one or buying the refill for them, make your own. Fill the dispenser 1/4 of the way full with regular gel soap (hand soap, dish soap, baby soap, etc). Then fill the bottle to the "fill line" with water. Put the lid on and shake it up a bit. The first few uses will be an odd consistency, but after that the rest will be just like the foaming stuff.

You're saving money because the cost of the gel refills are cheaper and you use less to fill the bottle.

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