Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Should Have Named My Daughter Grace...

So, we get to Grandma and Papaw's tonight. And Chloe decides to face-plant on the driveway. Busted up the inside of her lip. Her nose and upper lip are scraped up too. Poor thing is talking funny too so I can't understand what she's saying...But, she's being a trooper about it (aside from the 20 minute cry-fest - but I understand. It looks painful!)
She ended up staying up until 10, so I'm hoping she'll sleep in tomorrow. Finn just passed out himself. But I'm guessing he'll still be up at 7:30. Good news is I don't have to get up early for Amelia. :) Love the munchkin but I need some sleep!
Zumba was rough tonight. My whole body hurts already. But, I just got to keep plugging away. Lots of weight to loose...

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