Saturday, March 26, 2011

Motivation? Where can a find some?

Motivation has not been my friend these last few days. I have been working, just not nearly enough. Bills will be paid, but I should be "ahead". I'm just getting by this week. A lot of it has to do with the copy editing queue for work being so high. They were doing great, reviewing everything post within a couple of hours. Now, it's at about 3-4 days to review. Of course, I know that what I write today, will get reviewed in 4 days and be on that paycheck, but it's frustrating not see the queue move. Then you top that off with a nice little cherry of exhaustion on top, not much getting done.
I had a bad day foodwise yesterday. I've been craving junk the last few days. Yesterday, I broke down and ate a brownie (I know, a brownie isn't awful. A little treat here and there...But then I washed it down with a real coke. And had a cookie chaser...). But, that being said, I've done really well the rest of the week. Feel better today and don't want the junk anymore. So I guess that was a safe "diet diversion" as diversions go.
I wrote a blog post for this new company this week. The owner of the company read all entries and from those chose a select number to pay $50.00. I was selected as one of the select few. YEA! That was the easiest $50.00 I've ever made - 15-20 minutes of writing to talk about myself and I was paid. It also puts me in the running for a $500.00 contract for 10 more posts. I think that decision is going to be made next week or the week after. Fingers crossed! And from those, another $1000 contract will be given later on. Not sure what will happen, but I'm hoping to get the $500.00 contract. Fingers crossed. If you'll visit the link and like it (at the top) that might convince him to take me on! Thanks :)
On the child front - oh my...Chloe has become that child I see in public and think "thank God my child doesn't act like that..." Sigh. She is running all over the place when we're in public. (Yesterday I had to get her out of the stockroom at Babies R Us...Turned my head for a minute and she was gone!!!) Then she had a crying meltdown when we left Panera from  picking daddy up from work...This is a true test for my new effort at patience. Wish me luck!!!

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