Thursday, March 3, 2011


I guess I didn't realize how yesterday wore me out until I passed out in the chair last night with Finn on my chest. I woke up after about 20-30 minutes, got up, put him in his crib and kept walking straight to bed. So all my grand plans last night of lots of writing, cleaning up the huge stack of unclipped coupons and adding my daily blog post was shot. Oh well. It happens right?
Yesterday was the first day with Amelia and we all did really well. We took a walk which put Finn to sleep for a 4 hour nap...He would have slept longer but we woke him. The lessons I learned yesterday are as follows:
1. The kids (or at least Finn) is going to have to spend the night at Grandma & Papaw's once a week (assuming this amazing people agree). It's going to be difficult to get my work done when the 2 littles are back and forth taking turns who needs the attention.
2. I do actually have patience. Even when both babies were screaming because they both wanted to be held and Chloe wanted to sit on the potty in the bathroom (instead of the one in the little one in the living room) for an hour and half (and I had to stay in there to listen if she actually pottied so I could reward her!), even throughout all of that. I stayed calm. Granted after 10 minutes of them both crying, I told Chloe that she was just going to have to sit there on her own and left the bathroom. I finally got her on the little potty in the living room by putting the cushy big potty ring on it. She says the little potty is too rough...No success yesterday but she sat on it yesterday morning for 2 hours and then an hour last night - and asked each time. So that's improvement.
3. Walks wear everyone out and put them all to sleep. So when in doubt, take a walk! The only drawback? It's not a walk for exercise...not with Chloe walking herself. But it was great being outside with them.

On other fronts, I've decided to do a little bit of hardcore writing. I need to get some money saved up for next month. So, to help jump start the process, I will be writing 8-10 a day for the next 10 days. I know that I might falter some and I'll accept that. But as long as I have between 80 to 100 articles by the 12th, I've met my goal...


  1. It is walking for exercise if you are moving! and pushing two babies adds to it. Keep it up.Glad it's warm enough to be outside.

  2. Thanks mom. :) We tried again today. Made it about half the distance we did yesterday. But it was REALLY cold earlier. I didn't realize how cold it was until we were out in it. But we were out, so that was nice.