Saturday, March 5, 2011

Patience is NOT my virtue...

Food wise, today was a great day. Ate well all day long. And for dessert tonight, a little treat - homemade rice pudding.
Got a great deal on wipes. A box of Huggies wipes and a small tub of wipes for $5.56 after tax. That is a great deal for those of you who don't buy baby wipes...I used a coupon for buy any wipe refill and get the tub of wipes for free (normally $2.99 and the box I got is usually $9.99 - at least at Kmart). Then I used my Kmart points on my saver card. With a third bottom to wipe clean now during the week, I figured it was time to start stockpiling the wipes. We're still working on Chloe and the potty training thing doesn't look like it is going to take anytime soon.
I actually feel awful on the patience front. I had none...Granted, she wasn't listening to a word I said. But I still should have remained calmer today. It's just infuriating to me that she never listens anymore. We'll just keep working at it and we'll get there eventually.
Work didn't go very well today. The patience thing got in the way. When I get frustrated and eventually angry, I can't focus. But I'm ok with the lapse in work today. I'll jsut work harder tomorrow (hopefully!)


  1. :O)
    Perhaps Saturday when she she's Cal, Michael and Lucas using the potty it will be inspiration. Monkey see monkey do.

  2. Well, I can hope, but Livi is completely potty trained as is Sammy and Sis, so I don't know that that has helped her.