Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I fought the Migraine and the Migraine won...

Yet another migraine day. I'm doing better about working through those days. I guess that's good but bad that I have enough that I've had the opportunity to learn it!

I started making schedule for the day on what needs to be by what time. Seems to be making a HUGE difference on my productivity. Not feeling as stressed or burnt out. We'll see if it continues this way.

I didn't make it to Zumba tonight because of this migraine. I finally got rid of the loss of vision. Still have the numbness in my face. The pain is fairly dull now that I took a pain killer...But the side effect is I have no idea what my work quality is like tonight. But on the Zumba front, I'll be starting Thursday. Looking forward to it. Well, looking forward to getting in shape, not so much the making a fool out of myself.


  1. Sorry about your headache. I hope today is better for you :)

  2. Thanks mom. Better today. Still have the dull ache but no migraine, so that's a plus. Just tired. But when you have kids, I'm guessing that's a constant feeling...